Server Status: Online Unique Players Active: 11 + 15 Autotraders Server Time: 08:46 - 07/23/2024

Server Info


  • 2x base EXP
  • 2x job EXP
  • 2x drop rate
  • 0.1% drop rate for weapon cards
  • Slightly boosted card drop rates for low level monsters
  • Aegis drop "bug" is in-game, adds 0.01% to all drops.

Quality of Life

  • Teleport and warp portal skill item (see wiki)
  • Greed skill item (see wiki)
  • Multiclient allowed for limited use cases (see rules)
  • Endow NPCs, requires materials
  • Bless and agi scrolls, available for zeny
  • Light beam effect for card drops
  • Hypnotist NPC for skill reset up to base level 40
  • Custom NPC for skill reset as second class (returns player to job 25)


PvE Details

  • Max. party share range: 15
  • Max. party size: 12
  • Max. stats: 99
  • Max. attack speed: 190
  • Tap bonus: yes
  • Transcendent gear is available and equippable
  • Mob slaves give EXP and drop items only on first kill
  • Soul Linker, Ninja and Gunslinger available and re-balanced

WoE Details

  • MVP cards enabled for WoE
  • Godlike items obtainable
  • Multiclient warper allowed
  • Emperium breaks only once per WoE (see wiki)


Not available

  •  No transcendent classes (no rebirth)
  •  No @autoloot
  •  No job change NPC
  •  No card reset NPC
  •  No cash shop


  •  @rates
  •  @showexp
  •  @autotrade
  •  @mobinfo
  •  @whereis
  •  @whodrops
  •  @iteminfo
  •  @time



Frequently Asked Questions

Which changes were made to the vanilla game?

Changes made in Ragnarok Timelines are meant to honor the core game design of Ragnarok. The first principle is to improve on previously unviable gameplay options. There have been changes to...

  • class skills,
  • monster drops,
  • monster drop rates, 
  • monster map spawns,
  • monster mob behavior,
  • weapons,
  • and equipment.

For more details, please head over to our wiki